Los Tres Amigos

(Editado) Los Tres Amigos (not to be confused with “The Three Amigos” of Hollywood fame) are “three friends”. Luis Carlos Severich, Luis Sartor, and Ricky Rodriguez hail from the countries of Bolivia, Argentina, and Peru, and they first met on the opposite side of the globe after each independently came to Japan.

Their beautiful blending of South American music styles has been well received in their adopted homeland of Japan, and their 3 CD’s have been acclaimed throughout Japan. In addition to groups concerts at various venues, they also perform individually in numerous settings.

Mariachi Los Compañeros

Mariachi Los Compañeros formed in 2002 by Chucho de Mexico(main vocal, requinto, vihuela).

The members consist of talented 3 to 5 musicians who are Luis Sartor(side vocal and guitarron), Ricardo Rodrigues(side vocal and vihuela), Luis Valle(vocal and trumpet), and Diego Malvichino (side vocal and vihuela).

They perform as a group for a wide variety of events and parties related with Mexican embassy.


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