What’s Charango Master


(Edited) The Charango, as much as any other instrument in the family of string instruments, has an enormous harmonic potential still unexplored. We should like to contribute by introducing “CHARANGO MASTER”, a compilation of traditional and non-traditional chords, scales, rhythms, and cadences, because we believe that the best way to help the evolution of this instrument is to enrich it with elements of different musical currents and influences from other instruments. We hope to see the charango take its place amongst the greatest instruments of the world.

Los Cuadros de Paucke

The album “Los Cuadros de Paucke” was released in 2014 which is a collection of music, poetry and paintings, inspired by the customs and philosophy of Mocovi indian’s life. Luis Sartor was born and grown up in San Javier village, Santa Fe Province of Argentina where Mocovi indians had lived. All his 18 songs were composed, arranged, and produced by Luis Sartor. (Charango Master).

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